Friday, 1 October 2010

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it...

..or ring(s) in this case!
ring on the left is some oldie - similar to the likes of Christmas cracker gifts,
top right we have an arrow ring from accessorize (a while back) 
bottom right a scaraby thingy ma bongy type ring £1 from Spitalfields market (bought with my fellow blogger pal Alexa (<--click and follow!)

Here are my...erm, hands of the day? - a new blogging trend perhaps? ok, maybe not!

Just got back from a little pop to the shops. I tried on some high waisted jeans which I had previously been eyeing up online in topshop but I didn't think they were very flattering on me...maybe it's just my body shape...or maybe I need to resume my dates with Jillian Michaels....but for now, tonight I have some Haagen Daaz Belgian Chocolate planned (only £2.50 in tesco fyi :)

I love a good night in - how about you?
Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend? And do you have any good tips for buying jeans?

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